5 ways to avoid negativity in your life

There is nothing worse that can put our mood down than surrounding ourselves with negativity during the day. Not only is negativity unproductive, but it can be emotionally draining at times if you encounter it throughout the day. We all know people who brighten up the room when they walk in, so why not being one of them?

Always focus on solutions, not on problems.

The first thing we do when adversity appears is focus on the negatives in our lives. Why? Because it is easier than focusing on the positives. To turn failure, or I would say, challenges into a gift and grow through the tough times, you must begin to start focusing on ways to resolve the situation. Bear in mind failure is never a final result unless you make it so. UNLESS you make it so. Repeat after me.

Yes, everything happening positively or not are the way they are only by the way you react to it. A challenge doesn’t mean it is supposed to be negative, this is just the way you react to it. So now, take time to analyse the situation and focus on solution instead of problems. And you will realise there is no reason to make things harder than it should.

Do something that makes your soul happy.

There is no secret to bring positivity into your life. Do things you like, do things that make you feel good, happy, fulfil. Do things that make you smile, feel alive, laugh. Be good to yourself, there is no side effects about doing things that make your soul happy except the fact you will be happier!

Write down positive thought every single day.

Loads of things, from a compliment to a sweet treat, can bring little bursts of happiness. Learning to focus on one small little positive thing that happened in the day, build your mindset by enjoying the little thing and realises that actually your day wasn’t THAT bad and you actually did pretty well.

This is a long-term exercice and you will start to feel and see a difference after one week of doing it every single day.

Set small goals.

Breaking down a big goal into smaller, easier-to-accomplish ones makes the seemingly impossible, actually possible. Don’t wait until you have reached your goal to break out a bottle of wine. Celebrate smaller achievements along the way and you will bring more positive vibes to boost you and give you the confidence you will need to stay the course.

Let go of negative and toxic relationships.

As mentioned in my previous article, if you want to be successful, bring happiness and feel actually better, you will need to let go of people and this is ok. Feeding your environment by people who will lift you higher, will open the door to positivity.

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

Full Love – JG