5 signs you are closer to your goals than you think

Let’s be honest, when working towards a goal bring to a point where you feel like giving up. Like hitting a wall, being on a plateau and feeling frustrated. You may even feel like your destination is out of reach. But actually, it might be closer than you think, and this is probably the best time for you to keep going and even harder.

Here are some signs that you are on the verge of reaching your goals:

  1. You’ve taken the first step – this is actually the main sign that you are closer to your goal! You decided to change, you decided to reach it!
  2. You keep your goals top of mind – You work hard for reaching them. By working hard, you are thinking of them a lot (probably too much), and what you think about most will come out on top soon.
  3. You are focused – The more focused you are the better. If your effort is concentrated on what matters then everything that doesn’t will no longer get in your way.
  4. You are actually more excited than when you started – because taking one more step ahead day by day makes you move from a simple idea to an actual reality, so don’t give up whereas you can see the light at the end of the tunnel that begins to shine brighter.
  5. And finally, you know why – You know the why being what you’re doing right now. You know the reason why you took this step ahead, why you keep having this feeling in your gut, why you have sparkles into your eyes when you talk about it. You know all these Why, so please do not stop now just because you feel like shit. You are actually one opportunity ahead to your main goal.

Bare in mind any goal worth achieving takes time to unfold into reality. Little steps and focused mindset are the keys to bring you that much closer to realising your dreams.

The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.

Full Love – JG


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