These things you have to lose when you decide to change your life for the better

Changes can come in many forms and from different reasons in our lives. We all need THIS thing to take one step ahead and change our life for the better and truly believe this is the RIGHT thing to do. Even though, this is a tough step to take, know that how you cope with that change will have an impact on your future and for the best.

Here are few things you have to lose if you decide to change your life for the better:

  1. Your perfectionism – you need to forgive yourself and accept that sometimes you need to try several times before succeeding.
  2. Your negativity – think positive. Positive mindset = Positive outcome.
  3. Blaming other people for what is wrong in your life – what is happening comes only from your decisions.
  4. The need to always be right – you need learn, again and again.
  5. Relationships you were in for the wrong reasons – if you want a successful life be surrounded by successful people.
  6. Your excuses – you are responsible for your life, excuses are not allowed and stop complaining!
  7. Multi-tasking – being fully present and committed to one task is indispensable to be more productive and successful.
  8. The need to impress others – the only person you need to impress and be better is the one you were yesterday. This is it.
  9. Living your life to other people’s expectations – live for you, for your own life and for the person you want to be.
  10. Be impatient – good things take time. No need to be in a hurry.

Your life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change.

Full Love – JG


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