If you don’t know how to be happy, read this

How often do you pause to appreciate what you have in life? Do you think everything is falling apart? Do you think you don’t deserve to be happy? Do you think you are surrounded only by negativity? Please stop, take a step back and breathe.

We take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. Once you will be able to open your eyes on things that really matters, you will realise how much the world is beautiful and you are lucky for being alive.

If you don’t know where to start, here are 10 simple things to be grateful for when times are tough:

  1. Your family/friends – for being your closest kin in the world, for the permanent support and kindness they offer.
  2. These free pleasures of life – a sunrise, a relaxing walk in the woods, the smell of the ocean, the sun warming your face…
  3. Your strength – the fact that you didn’t break down that once and you won’t anyway.
  4. This movie/song – it always makes you feel human, it makes you laugh or cry because this is beautiful and you can’t stop enjoying it.
  5. Your morning coffee/tea – that warm, rich and relaxing cup between your both hands.
  6. These meal times with old friends – these old good friends that make you nostalgic but so happy to see nothing has changed but gets better.
  7. This feeling you get after a long run – full of endorphins, you can’t get enough of that isn’t it?
  8. Your mistakes – for helping you mature and become a better person.
  9. Your laughter – for serenading your life with joy.
  10. Being alive – yes, for giving you the chance to experience, to breathe, to love, to grow, to be You.

Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time. This is about loving what you have and being grateful for it.

Full Love – JG


2 réflexions au sujet de “If you don’t know how to be happy, read this”

  1. One of the things I am most grateful for is when the body feels normal. I adore the 32 non-toothaches I have, the head that is no longer in splitting pain, and the torn hamstring that is healed and strong again.

    And yes, being alive is the most precious gift, for making all the others possible.

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