Don’t be perfect, be authentic

This is a tough time for our generation where tolerance, appearance and opinion are the key words to feel integrated within our society. It makes me crazy to hear people are losing confidence and their losing their self-esteem because of people and because of  medias. We are always in such a rush, putting our routine first, trying to please others and trends that our own self care and love slips through the net.

I’ve never felt the need to express how much this is a shame being obliged to justify the way we work, we live, we eat, breathe and even love, than today. We give up on so many things than we don’t even realise we give up on what we truly are and truly need. But do you understand that your self worth isn’t defined by how others treat you?

Being authentic is beautiful. Do you know this person inside of you? Full of doubts, flaws, tears and laugh? This person who is following you and supporting you every single day since the beginning. You deserve to be this person again. You deserve the love you crave. You deserve to be heard by yourself, to be felt and treated the way you need. You deserve to live, to breathe, to exist the way you want. The way you ARE.

Don’t wish you were in another skin. You were another person. With a different shape, different hair and a different smile. You are YOU. And nothing can be more special than your individuality. You’ve been made from love, you are Love, you are loved, and you have to love too. Yourself. Love yourself. Love who you are and the world will love you back the way you are. Because you will attract what you reflects.

I won’t be able to tell you the amount of love available to you now. But if you want to access it, you will need to go much further into yourself than you thought possible. Please fall deeply, madly in love with yourself. You carry so much love in your heart for people who don’t deserve it. Please give some to yourself. Be proud of yourself and everything that you are because you are the only person you need to be good enough for.

Stop hating yourself for what you are not. And start loving yourself for what you are.

Full Love – JG


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