Ugly truths of being focused on your career

Being a career woman is something pleasant in a lot of aspects of your life – you are independent, your family is proud of you, you reach your goals, your days are never pointless, you keep being busy so you don’t have time to get bored and most of the time you get rewards about all your hard work.

But above all of these points, the ‘behind the scene’ can be sometimes painful and quite full of loneliness.

You feel guilty of not always being around your family for small things. 

This is even more real when you are living abroad. This is tough to know you won’t be here for your sister’s competition, to help your mother when you know she needs you, to support your boyfriend’s new project, to participate to your friend’s dinner who just moved into her new house. Because yes, living abroad and also, being a career-oriented person doesn’t give you the choice and even if they are important, external factors are  not that flexible.

Your life will never be slow paced.

Having a ‘career-forward’ thinking and wanting to achieve many things won’t let you to live slowly. You keep running everywhere, being on the go and scheduling your life to be on time. Time is Money, Time is Effort, Time is Work. You become submitted to Time and then we are surprised of doing a burnout at 30 years old, heh?

People won’t necessarily like your success, they may even be intimidated by it.

This is a tough one but this is true. You hear quite often from people who surround you that you are intimidating or that your life doesn’t seem to be open and available at the moment. And what if they were wrong or they were right? You can’t really reply, you just have to understand because even if you want to show to people this is not true, the way you manage your life is enough to let them think of it.

If you don’t slow down in your career, then don’t expect your personal life to get better.

I think, this point is the most important one and it needs to be understood by everyone. Even though you slow down in your career, please be with someone because you are ready not because you feel lonely. Being an oriented-career person is full of loneliness and as a human we crave cuddles, attention, cheesy things or just a bouquet of roses on the table. But don’t push yourself too hard on being with someone because you have to, because all your friends are getting married or your family is worried. Be with someone because you are ready to have someone into your life and who are ok to be after your career. Because let’s be real, even if you are in love with someone, your career will keep being your first love.

But after all, if being a career person was easy, everyone would do it isn’t it? So don’t feel as guilty as you feel now, keep working hard, keep being proud of what you have accomplished so far. You are working hard now so you don’t have to later.

Full love – Roxie


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