When you are about to give up, ask yourself these questions

Like a lot of people, I have felt the urge to give up on something. Of course, this is easier to get to a point where investing in a dream or goal seems to be pointless. We all have these cycles of excitement, enthusiasm, creativity, and then disappointment, discouragement and the desire to quit… But since when are you weak enough to give up on something that seems to be as important as breathing?

  • What was the thing you thought you would never get over – it can be a breakup, a job loss, a hard move – that you rarely think about anymore?
  • What is the thing you have now that you couldn’t even think of having a year ago?
  • What was your goal/ambition few years ago?
  • What is the professional accomplishment you have already achieved that you didn’t think you would be able to do as early?
  • Where is the place you have traveled that you never thought you would?
  • What is the most significant piece of wisdom you’ve gained over the past few years that has changed the way you live?
  • Do you remember when you thought it was a big deal just to live on your own?
  • Do you remember what it felt when you got a job for the first time that you didn’t think you would get one as quick?
  • If you could go back in time, what would be the advice you would give yourself?
  • Would it be something like « worry less and keep going »?
  • Why are you worried now? You know that great things take time, and nothing worth having comes easy otherwise anyone would do it.

Never give up on something you truly want, it is difficult to wait but worse to regret.

Full Love – JG


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