My top wellness hacks

I’m the kind of person who swears by natural and functional medicine, and keep thinking we can heal pretty much everything as long as we are educated enough in these topics. Here are some wellness hacks I can’t live without anymore.

Ginger shots all day long. They are better than coffee, trust me! But they are also, and that is the main point why I drink them every single day, a big health support on a daily basis. They are a good anti-inflammatory, good to reduce pain stomach, decrease nauseas and boost your immune system. (Don’t know what you’re waiting for.)

Going nut for nuts! Currently, my favourite are walnuts and I definitely struggle to balance myself once I grabbed a handful of them for snaking… They’re amazing for a glowing skin and believe me, you can quickly see the difference in the morning. But they are also ideal to maintain your blood sugar levels so then avoiding any sugar craving from the middle of nowhere.

Rescuing by activated charcoal. This is known for a lot of health benefits such as skin or detoxification properties, but the main reason why I can’t live without it is because this is an amazing partner for long and stressful days, heavy dinners, late nights or also seasonal bugs. It helps so much to absorb toxins and bacterias in your gut. That means no more bloated stomach, nauseas or pain because of not enough food and water throughout the day, too much food at night, too much alcohol from last night, bad food combination in your day and so on. This guy will be here when you made a mess inside your body!

A daily drop of lavender. As an insomniac, I’m always after natural ways to go through my nights and make the most of them. Lavender essential oil has been so far the best to relax my mind and calm down my anxious nerves. No need more than a drop on my pillow before to go to bed and the smell will do the rest. I don’t say that helps me to sleep but it definitely changes the way I dread my nights.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates

Full love – JG


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