Changes I’m making in 2018

“New Year, New You”, is that the thing? We put so much pressure on this new beginning by giving ourself some resolutions that we won’t even be able to maintain more than a month (two if you are persistent). Instead of focusing on these things, the best way to embrase 2018 is to focus on positives changes, on added values we could bring to our lives. So there we are, four changes I’m making in 2018 to give myself more chances to make this new year better than it could be.

Being more mindful. I can’t complain the way I’m managing my life currently and I guess I’m starting now to enjoy all my hard work. But that’s the point, sometimes (too many times actually) I feel like I’m not living in the moment and always look for something better or things I need to improve. I think, I get lost easily in all things that happen around me and I need to be more conscious in my gratefulness. I would like to go back to my meditation routine and be more mindful of all positive reflections I’m surrounded by.

Spending more time with my family. Living abroad makes me realise how much my family is important and I won’t be able to be there every time when it’s needed. As I’m working on being less in the rush through my life, I want to take this advantage to spend more time with people who matters the most to me. Prioritising my family because my way to my goals is clear and manageable enough, so I can definitely get some rest by being with them.

Saying “No” more. I can say “No” and I’m sure I say it more than I think, don’t get me wrong. But I try naturally to make everyone happy, I love pushing people to their better version and often, at the expense of my own priorities. And that’s the problem, I need to prioritise things I truly value and not building two pages on my To-do list to be sure everyone will be satisfied enough.

Improving myself the most I can. This last point is actually not a change but definitely a journey that I keep embracing day by day. You are a constant work in progress, you won’t never stop building who you are and learning from what you’ve done. I’m a passionate about life, about what I do and about the person I want to be. So I will keep improving myself again and again.

Full love – JG

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