24 life changing lessons I’ve learned in 24 years

Lately, my life has been pretty hectic, a little bit of a mess with a lot of changes. I realised how fast I was growing and the fact all these lessons below have been the key for me to become the one I want to be.

  1. It doesn’t make you weak to ask for help.
  2. Letting go of the past is necessary.
  3. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.
  4. It’s never too late to go after what you want.
  5. Be more focused on what you want to be instead of what people think.
  6. You can’t be perfect and you won’t please everyone.
  7. Time will do what’s best for you.
  8. You are loved more than you think.
  9. What you feel is temporary, feeling sad too.
  10. It’s not because you don’t fall in love that means you are a bad person.
  11. Your best support will always be yourself.
  12. Do more things that make you happy.
  13. Don’t run through your life, spend some time to enjoy the little things.
  14. Overthinking will make your life worse.
  15. Don’t spend energy for people who don’t want to listen.
  16. Life is not fair and it’s not supposed to be.
  17. Getting out of your comfort zone will always be the best decision.
  18. Learning how to deal with failure is essential.
  19. Everything happens for a reason.
  20. Don’t take things personally.
  21. You are good enough.
  22. Good friends are hard to find, so hold on to the ones you have.
  23. You’re not a superhuman.
  24. Reach your goals, this is the most important.

Full love – JG

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