Fill your life

I actually am the perfect example of this person who is rushing through my life, making sure to reach my goals in time, scheduling my days 24/7 and keep getting ready on weekends because “just in case” you know that thing, right? How do I feel? Yes, I reached my goals. Yes, I will be likely successful the way I want. Yes, I work hard and I am proud of that. But at the end, I miss phone calls from my mum, I don’t reply to my best friend because I’m running out of time, I forget birthdays and miss important events for my sister.

It doesn’t make me as a bad person but it does remind me how much I’m rushing through my life and do I really need that? Right now? What would happen if I disconnect my phone and go for a walk in the countryside? What would happen if I spend time with my family instead of checking my emails? Nothing, World won’t fall apart.

Few weeks ago, I went to France for few days because I needed to get back to my roots and breathe the air of my countryside. And when I was on top of the hill, looking through the horizon I realised I didn’t check my phone for 24 hours, didn’t reply to emails for two days. And I was feeling alive, my heart was beating so hard.

I forgot how much it feels good to share moments, giving a smile, being grateful and having an uncontrollably laugh and enjoying that so much. So much.

Hearing « thank you » from your sister, having hugs from your mom, catching up with your dad on the phone, having drinks with your best friend and being with the one who gives you butterflies in the stomach. – All these things I forgot I could definitely have time for them through this crazy life.

Don’t rush through your life. You have no idea what could happen anyway so please, enjoy every single moment. We all overestimate what we can do in a single day and underestimate what we can do in our whole lives. You are not busy, we all know that. No one is busy, this is all about priorities. You are good enough and you don’t need to prove it to anyone else but yourself only. You are not a machine if you get some rest, nothing will stop working.

Fill your life, fill it the most you can. Fill it by sharing your skills, your thoughts, your love. Fill it by learning. Please keep learning and being the student of your life. Fill it by breathing, enjoying, listening, living. Please LIVE. Feel it so hard you could hear your heart beats.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Full love – JG


2 réflexions au sujet de “Fill your life”

  1. « In the end – what matters is not how long we live, but how fully we live. » I cannot remember who said this (and neither can Google), but it is the truth. This is the kind of lesson we need to teach ourselves, our children, and anyone who will listen.

    This is one of the deep truths of life, Roxie. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you for believing it.

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