2 things to do more of and less of

When you want to make changes to a routine, make sure you won’t be overwhelmed by estimating all things you want to change right now. The best way (and this is the one I’m going to work on) is to make a short list of simple things you want to add or remove from your life. Because we all need small steps to begin.

Here are two things I want to improve and eliminate:



Don’t get me wrong, I love to read and I used to read a lot few years ago but since I’m in London, I forgot how was it before when I had time to read for hours in the evening or during weekends.

Every time I travel, I take the advantage to read, this is such a treat for me and I can’t get enough of that. But if there is something that I really want to go back onto it properly is to read again.

Listening to my body

I have this bad (or not) habit by doing things that I like with passion. I’m either black or white but never in the middle so when I like something I’m going to do it a lot to be good at that. But obviously sometimes, I forget the part where you have to be realistic and get some rest in order to be good or even better the day after.

This is exactly what is happening with my trainings and my work. I’m feeling so good that I want to be the best at what I’m doing and quickly. The problem is I don’t even think I can be tired or even exhausted and need some rest. Because yes, I do need some rest.



I know some stress is impossible to remove but I have a tendency to overthink situations (most of the time this is not needed). This is out of my control and probably that’s why I’m feeling stressed. I keep getting under control my whole life so if something happens and I can’t do anything, you have an idea how I can feel then.


That’s me, always saying that I’m too busy, I don’t have enough hours in a day but I’m 24 years old and that’s ok but it won’t be ok in 20 years. And if I want to avoid a burnout at 35 years old, I need to slow down a little bit and figure my priorities out. Because we all know right, it’s not about having time but about priorities in life.

Full love – JG


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