When you have no choice, but building yourself up

As I said in my previous article “And then, I did the right thing”, making the first move to a better You is maybe one of the hardest choice you will have to make in life. I realized when I took the chance to move forward, I felt so empty that I couldn’t even feel anything else but the tears through my whole body. But there is no better way than facing it and being even stronger than we thought.

I’ve never been proud of myself until I did this change into my life. I’m happy to know all opportunities I have to build myself up and becoming the one I always wanted to be. Successful, Strong and Human.

The only issue that I met was actually a bit naïve on my side but I thought one night would heal me and clear up this awful feeling of moving away from my comfort zone. At this moment, I felt this instinct you can have when you feel so down. Instead of accepting this pain inside me, I had this strong wish to live as hard as I can, as intense as I want, as real as I breathe. Isn’t the best instinct ever? Making sure to lift yourself up when you are feeling so down.

My mum used to tell me all things happening in your life won’t be permanent and in ten years, you won’t think about it anymore. In that way, I have been able to handle things differently and understand how much the way you manage your feelings come from you and only You. You are sad, that’s ok. You suffer, that’s not ok. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with the feeling of missing something, of missing the chance to be the one you want to be. There’s nothing worse than growing into your regrets.

I think the hardest moment is when you turn your back to the one (you think) you love and taking the chance to build a better version of yourself. When you know it may won’t be possible if you stay in your comfort zone even it seems to be so comfortable. Sometimes, you have to leave what you care about the most to give you the chance to be the person you deserve to be.

I do believe Time make things easier and heal the way you need to heal. Put your faith on it and I swear to God, you will realise nothing was impossible even leaving feelings you think you have for this person. As I said, the way you manage your feelings comes from you, and only You.

Full love – JG

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