To the man who told me I was good enough

Few weeks ago, I learnt the proper meaning of the power of words. This is the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use them to build up or tear down. Words are simple enough, but the meaning is regularly neglected. Too often we forget that a simple one can affect someone’s life.

There is no real reason why I write this letter today. I guess I just want you to know how much your words affected me. Through my heart, through my bones and now, stuck in my gut. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m in a coffee shop on the corner of the street. There is no better way, right, than being in a neutral atmosphere to let your thoughts do their things.

I have learnt if you desire to feel like you are good enough, you have to start by supporting and not blaming yourself. For many years, I was stuck in a foggy place where I couldn’t see the way I was growing. I spent a lot of time fighting people and life but never to support myself and taking care of who I am. We don’t realise the worst person on Earth able to destroy you is You and only You.

When I was younger, I kept saying if I had the opportunity to choose between being a human or a robot I would chose the second one without any doubts. Today, if I have to reply, I would say that I’m glad to have a heart beating inside me and making me feel what I feel right now thanks to you.

Do you remember the night you told me I was good enough and it was time for me to let go of  my past that was taking me hostage? Do you remember the words you used and how I felt? Do you remember what we did afterwards? And do you remember what I replied? Because I remember everything, every minute, every breathe I took while you were speaking and every goosebumps I had because of your words.

Since that day, my eyes are more opened, my mind clearer, my heart less cracked and my soul is finally where it needs to be. And the latter is maybe the reason why I’m writing this letter today. Who didn’t wish one day to find the purpose of their life and the meaning of what they do? Today, I know how much I’m lucky to know I’m 24 and have the rest of my life to be who I am, to be even better and even prouder of the person I am.

The past is the reason of who we are but not a reason to be stuck where we shouldn’t be. Letting go is not to forget what happened but supporting yourself by moving on to where you belong. I finally discovered my values, things easily forgotten within our society.

We are good enough by trying to be who we are. We are good enough by being broken, messy, impulsive, sensitive, stubborn, real. We are good enough because we are real. We don’t have to strive to become more worthy, more acceptable. We already are all those things. We are good enough by breathing the desire to let go of our past and start to support who we are.

I don’t know where it takes us, You and I, but one thing I know is I won’t be the same anymore. Telling me that I was good enough has been the best thing I have ever learnt.

Thank you.

Full love – JG



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