Enjoy the little things

On a Saturday/Sunday morning I get up around 7am, drink a big glass of water, look out the window and see what the weather is doing. I get ready by putting on my favourite sports gear and my dirty trainers. Grab my keys, phone and put a podcast on. I usually bring my debit card and try to keep it safe (or not) inside my leggings.

30 minutes later I’m ready to leave my flat and open the door. I can instantly feel a pleasant temperature at 7.30am and enjoy the deep silence of everyone still asleep.

I leave the building and start to run, feeling the wind on my face, only focused on what I’m listening to and the sensation through my legs when they hit the ground.

I run all around the spacious Victoria park, just by my flat (I’m so lucky), I pass maybe only 3-4 other people as crazy as we are to exercise on an early Saturday/Sunday morning. And then, after 30mins I stop and go to one of the benches with a direct view of the lake. At this moment, my podcast is almost done and I know I have few more minutes without feeling like I am in a big city with its background sounds. I sit down on the bench, look at the lake and at the swans doing their thing.

I feel relaxed, full of serotonin, focused on this podcast speaking about how to be a better version of yourself and being successful. No-one is here to give me any pressure or any feelings that I don’t want. I’m on my own, on a bench in the middle of London on a Saturday/Sunday morning.

At the end of my podcast, I decide to go to this Japanese yard in the park and sit down on the grass. Enjoying the silence around me to meditate for 20min, I pay attention to my breathing, I feel I can go far or not but I know I’m going somewhere where I’m not even able to tell you what is going on. The only thing I know is how relaxed I’m feeling at this moment. When you know, you are doing the right thing for you, to take a step ahead while other people are hungover, still sleeping or already complaining about the weather. I’m here in this park in the middle of London on a Saturday/Sunday morning, after a short but good run, meditating and thinking just about how my body feels in the wind right now.

It’s 8.30am; I need a cup of tea. I make my way back to the coffee shop next to my flat. It’s about to open and, as usual, I’m one of the first to get a hot drink. After over a year, they know exactly what I want and I don’t even need to say it, they are already making my tea with oat milk (weird combo but definitely the best). The warm cup between my hands gives me this pleasant feeling thanks to the heat of being comfortable in my body and in my mind.

I’m on my way back to my flat, it’s 9am on a Saturday/Sunday morning and I have already treated myself by enjoying what most people easily forget, the little things.

Full love – JG



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