5 things to do before breakfast to lead your whole day

As I said in my previous article “5 ways to become an early bird”, successful people start their day before everyone else, taking the advantage to be a step ahead to reach their goals.

Now, let’s talk about what to do before breakfast to make the most of it.


Beyond the fact that exercising in the morning means you can’t run out of time to do it later, a pre-breakfast workout helps reduce stress and balance your energy throughout the day.

Spend time with the one you love

I believe that kicking off our days with the one we love is really important – whether it’s reading, talking, making breakfast together, cuddling – to start the day in a proper way in order to make it more pleasant.

Write down things you are grateful for

Gratitude – a big word with huge results. It helps get you focused and puts your life into perspective. You learn to appreciate and enjoy the little and big things each day brings.

It’s like a therapeutic intervention that allows you to not only get more done during the day but also to feel better, to be a happier person throughout the day.

Plan your day ahead

If you want to be a step ahead you have to anticipate. By anticipating I mean you have to use an actual pen and a notebook (because enough of the screen!) and organise your day according to priority, starting with the one you most want to get done that day.

It gives you an idea of how you are going to organise your time and results in less stress and negative energy.

Check your emails

Taking time to check your emails while everyone is still sleeping allows you to be on top of email boxes and working already on what you have to do before the world wakes up.

Full love – JG

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