3 reasons why you need to fail (aka taking a tumble)

Failure is a tough thing to handle but it’s definitely what everyone needs to take the right way to achieve a goal. We all know how life is a playground, an experiment field so failing is a part of the game.

Sometimes, we forget a lot of people have failed before success, they didn’t stop after that, it’s actually even the opposite as they stood up and tried again.

Society teaches us every day that perfection is important and failure is unacceptable. But who the hell said that we were machines? Nothing is set up automatically in our brain to reach success and understand how life is working.

Here are some reasons why you need to fail and no, you won’t die just because you failed.

You will know exactly what you truly want

This is maybe the most important one. Failing is a good opportunity to have a look on what you truly want and how much you want to reach it. In this way, you will be able to see if you can live without it or if it’s amos vital for you. Maybe it’s time to realize how much you need to reach this goal and why it’s so important for you.

We all need a reminder of the reason why we are trying to reach our goal.

You will realize how much life is an eternal experimentation

The amazing thing in life is this is not a “one shot only” world. Luckily, you can try again and again no one will be killed for trying to succeed in something that we want to reach.

There are always second chances, sometimes a third and maybe you will need 7 other chances. But that’s alright, life is an eternal experimentation and you will need it to grow up. All successful people needed more than one shot to reach their goal. Don’t think it’s harder for you, it’s as hard as others who are trying to succeed.

You will learn important lessons

When you think about your success, the first thing it comes in mind is how you struggled to it. And here is the reason why you succeed, because you learnt, a lot.

You will discover how far you can push yourself and realize how strong you can be. This is the best way to learn that you are able to handle anything and you are stronger than you think.

For future, it will allow you to have a no fear attitude and embrace failure in a different way as your determination and perseverance will be stronger than before.

I would be curious to know what is your goal and how do you plan to reach it!

 Full love – JG


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